Milan Remko

Honorary Guest of the 12th JMMC Prof. Milan Remko, DSc.

Medicinal chemistry in Slovakia is inseparable linked to the person of Prof. Milan Remko. Whether from the point of view of his scientific or pedagogic work, he contributed considerably to the establishing of medicinal chemistry in Slovak academic spheres. Due to these reasons we decided to invite Prof. Remko as an honorary guest of the 12th Joint Meeting of Medicinal Chemistry in Bratislava.

Education and Academic degrees

1971 Ing. Chemistry, Slovak Technical University Bratislava

1977 PhD. Physical Chemistry

1994 DSc. Physical Chemistry

1998 Professor Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics

Professional history

1972–1974 Researcher, Institute of Polymers, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava

1974–1978 Researcher, Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Bratislava

1978–1992 Scientific worker, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, Bratislava

1992–1998 Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, Bratislava

1998–2017 Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, Bratislava

Awards and honors

Scholarship, Holland 1981, 1996

Senior Fulbright Scholarship, USA, 1987

DAAD Scholarship, Germany, 1994

Scholarship, Cambridge Colleges and University, Great Britain, 1995

Scholarship, Oxford Colleges and University, Great Britain, 1999

Scholarship German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, 2003, 2005

Award of an RSC Journal Grant for International Authors, 2000

5 EC Grants, HPC Europa1 and 2, 2005–2016

EC Grant COST “Inhibitors of angiogenesis”, 2008–2011

Chemical Papers, Associate Editor 2006–2017


Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry

Member, American Chemical Society

Life Member, World Association of Theoretically Oriented Chemists

Member, Slovak Chemical Society; Slovak Pharmaceutical Society

Prof. Remko published 11 books and more than 200 papers in refereed chemical and pharmaceutical journals with more than 2000 citations. Besides research books and textbooks he published several books related to his native land Orava.

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